Terms and Conditions

  1. ASLA Limited (“ASLA”) acts as your agent to seek to obtain for you a visa or visa support. In acting as your agent ASLA’s responsibilities are to perform its duties at all times with reasonable skill and care and, in particular, to relay in an accurate and timely fashion to the relevant Consulate information provided by you to ASLA.
  2. ASLA cannot, and does not, guarantee the provision of a visa or visa support. ASLA cannot influence the relevant Consulate one way or another in whether or not to grant a visa. ASLA acts solely as your processing agent.
  3. ASLA is not responsible for any visa which has supplied being sufficient to enable you to enter or leave the country in respect of which the seeming visa has been granted, or visa support which has supplied being sufficient to enable you to apply for a visa. ASLA will merely provide back to you that which it receives from the relevant Consulate or issuing authority. It is your responsibility to check the validity and application of the visa or visa support provided by the Consulate or issuing authority, and not ASLA.
  4. ASLA will rely entirely upon information as supplied by you, and its accuracy or otherwise. ASLA cannot and will not, check any information supplied by you.
  5. ASLA is not responsible to you for any consequential loss, damage or expense which you incur as a result of failure to obtain a visa and/or any difficulties in travel caused by any particular visa; examples of such loss, damage or expense for which ASLA is not responsible include wasted travel costs, any refunds to airlines or hotels and any claims for loss of enjoyment and/or any claims for lost or wasted business opportunities or expenses. ASLA is not responsible for any events or circumstances beyond its control, including postal strikes, the acts or omissions of any third parties (including Consulates and delivery services), political unrest, terrorism, change in political circumstances, any event which may impact upon the grant by any country of a visa or other similar events or circumstances.
  6. It can take a minimum of 4 weeks to obtain a visa for Russia or Belarus. It is your responsibility to ensure that you leave sufficient time for an application for a visa. ASLA will not advise you about the length of time it will take to obtain a visa and, upon your request to obtain a visa, will simply process that in the normal way and accepts no, and has no, responsibility for any subsequent failure on your part to obtain a visa.
  7. The contract between you and ASLA is governed by the laws of England and any dispute arising is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.