Trans-Siberian Tour Visas

Travellers on our Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Tours will require Trans-Siberian Tour visas for different countries depending on the routing as outlined below. For full tour options please visit our specialist sites: and; travellers travelling independently should contact us to ensure correct visas are obtained. Please remember to check all of your visas for accuracy. It is the responsibility of each traveller to ensure that they have the correct visa for travel.

Russia (Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian tours)

Mongolia (Trans-Mongolian)

China (Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolian)

Travellers on our Silk Road Tours with will require the following visas:

Russia (Single entry)

Turkmenistan (Single entry)

Uzbekistan (Double entry)

Kazakhstan (Single entry)

China (Single entry)

Please note that the series of visas for the Silk-Road Tours take a considerable amount of time and you will be without your passport while processing is underway – talk to us about how best to manage this issue.

Please call us for up to date advice on our Trans-Siberian Tour visa service, timescales and information on all issues relating to visas on 01480 433800 or email us E-mail our Visa dept